Urological Evaluation in Male Infertility Factor

Urology evaluation is must when all endocrine examination shows no significant cause for male infertility. Achievement of conception with cost and time requires close conjunction with the Gynecology, Urology and  Reproductive Endocrinology department.

Post-ejaculatory urine analysis should be performed in patients with semen analysis report shows ejaculate volumes of less than 1 m, patients with clinical signs of Hypogonadism or with bilateral vasal agenesis need not required this.   

USG : Ultrasonography: Transrectal USG is must in patient with Azoospermia with palpable vasa and low ejaculate volume to rule out ejaculatory duct obstruction, also useful in patient with oligospermia with low semen volume with palpable vasa and normal testicular pattern to rule our duct obstruction. Scrotal Ultrasonography helps o find out non palpable varicocele during physical examination also helps in patient whom physical examination of scrotum is difficult or inadequate or suspected testicular mass in patient.