Male fertility evaluation is the Semen analysis. Mainly Urology and Endocrinological evaluation is needed if any deviation in  result of semen analysis, and creates need for repetition of the semen analysis.

Instruction to the patient

Preparation for the test - Awareness about semen collection method, if at home or at other than Laboratory, or at laboratory.

48 hour to 72 Hour of abstinence is must, prolonged abstinence is not recommended.

Coitus interrupts is not also advisable.

Best Way to collect semen

We advise the patient to masturbate into clean, widely open urine collection cup or other sterile glass cup. If facility of semen collection is there at Laboratory than its best. If place is away from laboratory than sample must reach to the laboratory within 1 hour and it should be maintained at body temperature till reaches to laboratory. 

Semen collection device is advisable in patient who cannot collect semen by masturbation.

Instruction to the Pathologist

During semen analysis of patient, sperm count  is 1 million / ml or near  than exact count should be calculated, finding of no sperm in the semen suggests either an absence of sperm production or obstruction to sperm outflow in this case It is most important that  semen sample is examine carefully whether the ejaculate contains even a few sperm, if it shows few sperm than it suggests spermatogenesis is there but defective and there are definite treatment of this is possible with homeopathy, because azoospermia ( Zero Sperm Count )  is require further investigation and different line of treatment depends on sperm maturity arrest level during testicular Biopsy report.