Oligoastheno spermia (OAS) is a condition in which low sperm count associated with low sperm motility.

No known medical treatment in allopathic system for treatment of Oligoasthenospermia, Homeopathic medicine are effective in more than 95 % patients.

Varicocele is most cause for Male Infertility and treated most successfully with Homeopathy without any side effect, most of the cases up to grade II Varicocele responds to homeopathy treatment.

Antisperm Antibody study is must when semen analysis reveals oligoasthenospermia and homeopathic treatment is recommended when Antisperm Antibody titers are higher than normal. Treatment of abnormal sperm parameter continued till all sperm parameter comes normal. If semen analysis shows persistent oligoasthenospermia after treatment, testicular biopsy is must to reveal histological changes, this helps in further alternative means of therapy. 


Oligoasthenospermia treatment requires 4 to 5 month of homeopathic medicine, sperm count and motility comes within normal range after treatment and remain normal for long time associated semen abnormalities also corrected simultaneously with treatment.