Low Seminal Volume - High Seminal Volume

Low Seminal Volume:

Normal Sperm Volume : 1.5 ml to 3ml

The semen volume is calculated abnormal when it is less than 1.5 ml.

Causes of Low Seminal Volume:
Evaluation for Retrograde ejaculation: Urine check up for the presence of retrograde ejaculation comes first, than Diabetes mellitus, Past History of Surgical Intervention in Urological system, specially for Bladder neck surgery, also check the previous prescription of alpha -adrenergic drug. These are the main reason for Low Sperm Volume.

Mental Stress :
Sample collected during stressful condition causes low sperm volume and this case repeated study of semen is must.

If there is no retrograde ejaculation than need for Hormonal assay is must. Serum testosterone levels is to be check.

High Seminal Volume:
Seminal Volume is more than 5 ml considered as High Seminal Volume, it should be done within 48 hour to 72 hour of abstinence. Other sperm parameter like sperm count, motility and morphology is normal than there is no need of treatment for high sperm volume.