Sperm Morphology assessed by videomicrography or simple photography, at least 60 % of sperm should be normal oval shape & size.

Sperm Morphological Abnormalities are

Micro cephalic Sperm - Small Sperm

Macro cephalic Sperm - Large Sperm

Tapered Sperm

Amorphous sperm with midpiece and and tail defect

Teratospermia is defined as more than 40 % of abnormal sperm cells.

The detection of Asthenospermia & Teratospermia should be followed by through Urological evaluation.

Advantage of Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic medicine corrects Spermatogenesis by making endocrine function normal, medicine have also capacity to eradicate chronic UTI.

Correcting the defective Spermatogenesis, all sperm morphological abnormalities become normal after 4 to 6 month of treatment.

Constitutional Homeopathy medicine keeps sperm morphology normal for  years and once it corrected there is no need of further treatment.

Homeopathic medicine are free from side effects, are sweet in taste and  very easy to take.