Normal time for Semen liquefaction time : Normally semen coagulation takes place 20 to 30 minutes following ejaculation. Delayed liquefaction of semen more than 1 hour after ejaculation may indicate disorders of accessory gland function. Diagnosis of the liquefaction problem should be made if there is absence of sperm in the PCT( Post-Coital Test ) . PCT PostCoital Test should be done to access the clinical importance of Delayed Seminal Liquefaction. PCT function report is normal then no further treatment of Delayed Liquefaction is needed. If sperm are capable of reaching the cervical mucus, problems of semen liquefaction are not clinically relevant. Increased semen viscosity, which is unrelated to the coagulation-liquefaction phenomenon, signifies a disorder of accessory gland function and may effect the accuracy of assessment of both sperm density and motility. It is only clinically relevant when there are very few sperm in the post coital test.

Post-Coital Test PCT Abnormal : Split Ejaculate Analysis should be performed. Semen that fails to liquefy suggests prostatic dysfunction.
Proteolytic enzymes (or proteases ) present in prostatic secretions cause liquefaction of the protein coagulum derived from the seminal vesicles. In split ejaculation, one of two fraction found normal liquefaction and normal sperm parameter, good chance for AIH.


Treatment with Homeopathic medicine corrects delayed semen liquefaction normal within 2 to 3 month if other parameter are normal, if abnormal than it will take 2 more month time.