Immune Infertility,  Sperm Surface Antisperm Antibodies AB

Antisperm antibodies often are, but not always, associated with testicular surgery or trauma.

The Presence of AB should be suspected in men have a history of Vasovasostomy and vasectomy reversal or other testicular surgery or injuries and when sever Asthenospermia or spontaneous sperm agglutination is observed during routine Semen Examination. Poor sperm penetration  in PCT post coital test with normal cervical mucus cross penetration test will help to find out presence of antibodies in he sperm or cervical mucus.

Immune factor covers 10 to 15 % of male infertility as a causative factor, these include the patients in which all seminal parameters are normal but the PCT Post Coital test are poor and there is defective sperm motility also semen shows high level of sperm agglutination. In a couple with Unexplained Infertility as well as when the man having history of vasectomy reversal must be testing of AB Antisperm Antibodies. 

Antisperm Antibody AB test : Its very important to find out that weather actual antibodies are present on the sperm itself (over tail, over head ) rather than circulating in blood.

The presence of both IgG and IgA antisperm antibodies are measured on the sperm surface. The results are given in terms of the number of motile sperm affected by antisperm antibodies surface antibodies may affect both movement of the sperm and the ability of the sperm to bind to the oocyte results are clinically significant and positive if more than 50% of sperm are affected by either class of antibody. IgA antibodies are considered of greater clinical significance than IgG.


Homeopathic treatment requires 4 to 6 month to solve the problem, In Allopathic science they give steroids for treatment for sperm antibodies.