Group of Homeopathic Physician, Reproductive Endocrinologist and Urologist started treating patient with sperm abnormalities with homeopathic medicine 14 year back and results were with 80% to 85 % success rate and increased up to 95 % success now.

Patients from more than 65 countries, from all continents treated successfully with this treatment without having any single side effect, medicine are Homeopathy, natural conception without any other procedure achieved by treatment in Male Infertility Factor abnormalities, saves time and cost to the patient.

Homeopathic medicine proved its effectiveness in all varieties of sperm abnormalities like low sperm count, low sperm motility, low sperm volume, abnormal sperm morphology, hyperviscous semen,  Delayed seminal liquefaction, Immune Infertility - Antisperm antibodies and associate condition like Varicocele, hormonal imbalance and testicular abnormalities.

Homeopathy also helps to improve general health of patient, as it maintains mind body and soul function in balance.

Clinical Experience

During 15 years of treatment experience patients comes with other illness associated with Male Infertility factor amongst them  20 % of patient is having  Hyperlipidemia, treatment corrects sperm abnormalities and lowers Serum Lipid level, patient are benefited in best way.

Female Infertility Factor : Patients comes for Male fertility Factor treatment approaches us for treatment of Female Infertility factors like, PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Recurrent abortions and unexplained Infertility, at our centre we give free homeopathic treatment for Female Infertility Factor along with Male Infertility Treatment.